Broken smartphones

Have you ever dropped your phone or spilled a drink on it? The answer is probably yes.

A few days ago, an online French store selling phone accessories called GSM55, published an interesting infographic about smartphone accidents.

Here is what we learned:

Most Common Phone Accident Scenarios:

  1. 43% – Dropping
  2. 27% – Water
  3. 11% – Shock

Most Dangerous Rooms for Phones:

  1. 21% – Kitchen
  2. 18% – Living room
  3. 16% – Bathroom (Also, 9% of phones fall in toilet)

Most Common Drinks Spilled on Phones:

  1. 43% – Water
  2. 19% – Soda
  3. 12% – Beer

Other Facts:

  • 6% of iPhones are fixed with scotch tape
  • 11% of iPhones are used with a broken screen
  • 17% of iPhone owners are not one time offenders

Remember, if you drop your phone, it is sometimes better to leave it because it may be too dangerous to retrieve!

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