Ryan McDonald VP, Technology

Ryan oversees, leads and directs all technical development at Plastic. He has successfully worked on mobile initiatives on the iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. He has worked on some of the toughest technical challenges for top clients, developing a veritable encyclopedia of data coding. What he conserves verbally, Ryan expends mentally solving the myriad mobile challenges Plastic has had to overcome in the past five years.

As the Vice President of Technology, Ryan oversees, leads and directs all technical engineering and development. He has  worked on mobile solutions for all platforms for many brands including Pizza Pizza, Mazda, 680 News, Rogers Radio, CityTv, SportsNet and Axe. Ryan is as adept at leading his team from the architecting stages; helping solve complex problems and weaving out hard-to-catch defects.

Prior to Plastic, Ryan was in charge of the digital development at FutureBrand across North America and the Middle East, where he led their content management systems, brand management tools and all digital properties. He worked on such portfolios as General Motors, Bank Of America, Opel, RSM McGladery Visit Mexico (Mexico Tourism Board) and Constellation Energy.

Ryan holds a B.Sc. from the University of Waterloo in Computer Science and, unlike certain co-workers, can grow a pretty amazing Movember moustache.