Melody Adhami President & COO Plastic Mobile


CEO, Plastic Havas
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Melody’s leadership and strategic thinking has made tidal waves in the industry. With the Globe and Mail crowning her “The Queen of Apps!,” it’s no surprise that North America’s leading brands followed her into their mobile future.

As CEO of Plastic Havas, Melody has led countless groundbreaking initiatives, collecting a plethora of awards and accolades, including the Webby’s, W3’s, and Davies along the way. Through her passion and business savvy, Melody has won the trust and confidence of some of the most monumental brands in the country, including Blackrock, Shoppers Drug Mart, AIR MILES, Pizza Pizza, and Rogers Communications – to name a few.

Not only is Melody leading the most awarded mobile marketing agency — that has grown at an astronomical rate year after year — but she somehow still finds time to mentor young women, and enlightening audiences all over North America about the impact of technology on business and consumerism.

Driven by her passion to challenge the status quo, and formulate new technologies to enhance the human experience, Melody’s foresight for opportunities in the industry has paved the path for unparalleled success in mobile marketing.