We live in the era of the tech startup, but what is it about coding that leads so many to entrepreneurship?

Jerry Fengwei Zhang, a winner of the Developer 30 Under 30 award this year, is the cofounder and lead developer of BubbleHR, a human resource information system that parses and organizes resumes to present them to recruiters.

Jerry’s passion for software development and his real world experiences in the job market helped guide him to his startup.

“This is why I wanted to develop software, to help people achieve something. It sounds cliché, it sounds like the Silicon Valley ‘Make the world a better place,’ but that’s true, that’s exactly what I wanted to do, which is make tools that help people live and work better,”.

In addition to his startup, Jerry also hosts a podcast that discusses North America technology paradigm changes and consumer electronics for a Chinese audience.

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