How can Canadians prepare for the future of employment?

Automation is poised to disrupt every industry in the world potentially reshaping the labour market as we know it. Will this disruption eventually lead to a more efficient and prosperous workforce?

This was one of the themes of the Brookfield Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship’s recently released report regarding employment in 2030.
“This project is about exploring possibilities. It looks at how the many forces at play in our economy might intersect to shape future skill demand,” said Sarah Doyle, director of policy and research at the Brookfield Institute. “By employing both traditional and innovative research techniques (in this case, strategic foresight or futures methodology), we aim to give new dimensions to the country’s ongoing efforts to prepare Canadians for the future of employment.”

The report also discusses the fear and anxiety that many feel about the growth of technology and its continued effect on jobs. On the flip side, also discussed is how machine learning and artificial intelligence will assist in matching employees with jobs and predicting future industry requirements and employment trends.

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