artificial intelligence

The idea that artificial intelligence is magic has been around for a long time. However to successfully integrate AI into enterprise technologies, this understanding will have to evolve.

At Plastic Havas’ Evoke 2019 in Toronto, Vincenzo Pasquantonio, program director of data and AI at IBM, explained that one of the largest hurdles facing the adoption of AI technologies by CIOs is combating the misperceptions about the technology.

Using the 2018 Gartner Hype Cycle Vincenzo demonstrated that when an emerging technology is at peak expectation it makes it difficult to discuss the real world applications of that technology. The idea that a single technology will save the world eventually drops to disillusionment about that technology, until finally the technology’s true potential emerges.

Vincenzo explained that “viewing AI as mysterious or supernatural is only going to slow the process of understanding AI, making it harder to infuse into core business technologies”.

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