Toronto has become a destination for the best tech talent in the world.

CBRE released a report last year announcing that Toronto added more tech jobs in a year than Silicon Valley. This booming tech environment has helped inspire the evolution of the annual Developer 30 Under 30 award into a three day event-Evoke.

The importance of the tech industry in Toronto, as well as the inclusion of more women into the community is stated by Havas Canada CEO Melody Adhami when announcing Havas’ partnership with IBM to offer free conference passes to women.
“Last year, several reports revealed Toronto’s tech scene was so hot the city created more jobs than the San Francisco Bay area, Seattle, and Washington, D.C. It’s exciting to see the tech scene grow but as a woman in tech, my goal is to get more women involved and interested in the industry. By offering free conference passes, women are given the opportunity to participate for free, network, and gather information that will help them gain interest and ultimately, get involved in the industry.”

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