Plastic Mobile CEO Sep Seyedi on Modernizing Payments in the Americas

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The International Payment Conference, InPayCo, is an international exhibition gathering impressive leaders across the city to provide insights and expertise on modernizing payments. The two day event combines informative roundtable, keynotes and workshop sessions with the industry’s foremost leaders and experts, including Plastic Mobile CEO Sep Seyedi.

Sep joined a team of industry experts, Michel Brunet, Marc Lemieux-Lawyer, Elana Hahn and Jeff Shinder to lead a workshop on payment systems across the Americas.

Topics of discussion at the workshop included:

  • How to modernize the innovation and infrastructure of US payments
  • The major role that different markets play in the creation of such a service (I.e. Merchants, Card Schemes and Banks)
  • Canada’s method of updating framework
  • The process of financial inclusion; proving to be a key component in Latin America

Throughout his years in the mobile industry, Sep has had the opportunity to experience first hand, the remarkable changes happening in the payment sector while working beside some of the largest banks in North America. The panel was an amazing opportunity to share his expertise as well as gain insights on a rapidly expanding industry.