Plastic Mobile’s Exciting New Chapter

By February 19, 2015 No Comments

To our dearest family, friends and colleagues,

Although some of you may have heard the news, we wanted to take the time to personally share with you the recent events that have taken place. Plastic has started an exciting new chapter in its life.

As most of you know, we began our journey into entrepreneurship 7 years ago when we quit our jobs and set our sights on a vision.

We began a mobile business at a time when only a few (Steve Jobs included) really saw its full potential some years down the road. We spent the first few years knocking on doors and mostly having them slammed in our face. We took our first business from our living room and within a few weeks needed our first office space. The building, which was practically abandoned, fit with deplorable bathrooms and a daily trek of 4 flights of very steep stairs was perfect (and affordable) for a small startup, bootstrapped business. It didn’t take us long before we outgrew our humble, 1000 sq ft and made the jump to Liberty Village, which has been our loving home since.

Our first few years were difficult and involved a lot of “growing up.” We have seen heartbreak as we lost employee number 1, joy as we celebrated 5 successful years and pride as we installed management teams (some very talented folks if I may add) and well oiled machines that allowed us to take our honeymoon 4 years after we got married.

About a year and a half ago, our business reached a maturity and level of expertise where we felt we could play with the “big kids”. We wanted to, and started participating in large RFPs (Requests for Business). Some we won and some we lost. The wins were momentous as we beat the likes of Deloitte, Publicis and other giants but the losses were tough. Tough because our reason for losing was almost always our “size”. So we began thinking. It was time that we take the next step for our business and allow our talented teams to achieve their potential.

Enter Havas. The 6th largest communication group in the world, headquartered out of France with the global footprint that we needed. The partnership was perfect. We had a skill and expertise that is unique in the digital space and they offered the global scale that would allow us to take Plastic to the next step. It was time for our “baby” to graduate and enter this exciting next chapter.

Today, Havas acquired Plastic Mobile and we joined the vast network of this amazing company with over 200 years of history. Today we are ecstatic about the potential that this venture offers Plastic and the challenges that lay ahead of us. We will continue to operate Plastic as CEO and COO under the Havas umbrella.

We want to take this opportunity to thank our friends, family and colleagues who supported us until now and thank them in advance for the support we are sure we will continue to receive as we take Plastic to new heights.

Thank you all!


Melody and Sep