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Wearables: Beyond The Wrist

By December 12, 2014 No Comments


The wearables market has quickly become one of the fastest growing mobile industries we’ve seen to date. From watches to fashionable bracelets it seems that everything needs to be smart in one way or another. Smart gear has been progressively moving beyond the wrist; check out the smart clothing line up for the new year:

Athos Apparel, founded by Dhananja Jayalath (DJ) and Christopher Wiebe, is a fitness shirt that monitors your biometrics in real-time then sends the stats from your workout to your smartphone. Using an EMG (electromyography) device that detects muscle effort, muscle building toning, overall training, and muscle fatigue. The device then relays this information to your smartphone companion app which translates it into readable data and training suggestions.

Another product that has been around for some time is the Nike+ shoe sensor. This little device was released in 2006 as an iPod accessory, a nugget sized device measures your pace, distance, time elapsed and calories burned, which is then transmitted to your iPhone or iPod via bluetooth. The data is then saved on the device which enables users to have easy access to their progress data.

Even Victoria Secret has dipped into the wearables market with their very own heart monitoring fitness bra which features Body-Wick fabric, paired with bonded, seamless technology for comfort. You would then detach the transmitter after use and connect it with your compatible device to retrieve the results.

These products now being dubbed Smart Clothing are changing the way we track our health by providing a comfortable and relatively accurate means of tracking our daily physical routines, and giving the term ‘self-awareness’ a whole new meaning.

The development of these new products is becoming more commonplace with just about anyone being able to create them with a basic technical skill set. A blogger named Kathryn Mcelroy wrote an in-depth tutorial on how to build your own interactive, RFID and LED messenger bag. The limitations of how far these technologies can advance are only set by the skill limitations of the creators!