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Yahoo V.S. Twitter: Who Will Reign Supreme As Mobile Ad Opportunities Expand?

By December 10, 2014 No Comments


Our President and COO Melody Adhami recently shared her expertise with Mobile Marketer’s  digital publication regarding Yahoo and how it is on it’s way to become the third largest mobile ad platform, and surpass Twitter. Data from eMarketer suggests that Yahoo’s new mobile ad business strategy may be paying off, Twitter is predicted to have 4.19 percent share of the mobile advertising market by 2016. The two platforms are very different in terms of audience and offerings; Yahoo’s mobile ad products include display, and native search whereas Twitter only offers native ad opportunities.

Twitter and Yahoo provide advertisers with vastly different opportunities for marketers planning their ad spend. “I would consider Yahoo to be a mass-media player with a broader reach of audience, and Twitter to be more of a niche player in the media space, the opportunities each company presents is vastly different. Marketers can expect to reach more users through Yahoo, but can expect more engagement from Twitter users.” Says Melody Adhami President and COO of Plastic Mobile.

Yahoo has been around from the early days of the internet, but has had a bit of a struggle remaining relevant, especially with the mobile space which has quickly taken off in the recent past. Yahoo’s biggest competitive advantage in the mobile space is it’s strong focus on digital content, this is due in part to the increasing popularity and convenience of mobile.

Although Twitter is much younger than Yahoo, it has been a mobile-first company since it burst onto the scene in 2006. It’s youth has also been a factor in the length and strength of the brand’s relationship with its users. “I think we can expect to see innovation from Twitter that will likely challenge the top 3 contenders sooner than later,” adds Melody Adhami. Which seems to be likely as Twitter has put a specific focus on building its mobile ad business.