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Wearables Are Here to Stay

By July 10, 2014 No Comments

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One fine Summer morning, members of the Plastic Marketing Team headed to the EY Wearables Breakfast Series hosted by Ernst & Young to hear the latest from the wearables industry in Canada.

 The Panel discussion was lead by the Google Glass man of Toronto and friend of Plastic Mobile, Tom Emrich and featured Dr. Martin Karl of Bionym, Stephen Lake of Thalmic Labs, Jason George, VP of Sales & Partnerships at Interaxon, and Matthew Milan of Normative Designs.

Breakfast was a delightful array of pastries and parfaits but our sights were set on the future of the wearables industry. A subject of debate since the beginning of 2014, this emerging technology has its share of supporters and naysayers. That being said, one thing’s for sure, its gonna take more support from the investor community as well as consumers for wearables to realize their potential.

While Canadians are opening up to the world of wearables, the industry does face some challenges, namely around privacy and social acceptance. This shouldn’t surprise anyone since speaking out loud to a wearable device such as ‘watch’ or ‘glass’ in public still hasn’t really become the norm.

Even though there’s some skepticism the audience pretty unanimously agreed that wearables are not going to be a short-lived trend or fad, and that we can expect implementations of wearable in the health and sports industries.

Major players in technology are well on their way to refining the usability of their wearable devices, but we still have a long way to go to creating seamless user-experiences with respect to an ever-dynamic context and in consideration of all sensory involvement.

We look forward to seeing continuous growth in the wearables industry. See you at the next EY Breakfast Series Event!