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All agencies are created differently, and culture at Plastic has been built upon the very team that it comprises of. There is quirk, there is eccentricity, there is style, and there is an overall sense of playfulness.

So, what better way to bring an eclectic group of people together than a beach holiday in Jamaica?

As the saying goes, the team that plays together is the same team that gets swamped for weeks after the fun ends. Good thing, we’re able to take it all in stride.

Our trip to Jamaica was not just an opportunity to take in some sun, but to build strong relationships with one another through team building exercises (teaching one of our own to swim), physical exercise (hiking the lush “Blue Mountains”, orchestrating volleyball rivalries in the pool), and spending quality time devouring Jamaican jerk chicken.

It was unanimously decided that everyone’s favourite moment of the trip was Plastic’s CEO, Sep Seyedi singing his laudable Karaoke version of “Bohemian Rhapsody”! And as much as we know everyone would love to see some video footage, we’re keeping that one locked in the vault.

After some much needed sun, surf, and sand, we acquiesce that the office was missed and we’re unexpectedly glad to be back to work!